About Us

FRO-CAPSoda Decals is a division of Back In Time Warehouse (BITW) in Charles Town, WV, which has been known as a premier restoration company for many years. Our warehouse and offices are located at 200 West Washington St., Charles Town, WV. and Customers are welcome to stop by to pick up their orders Monday-Friday from 9am till 6pm.

Being in the restoration business for many years, we learned just how hard and expensive it was to find or to have made just one decal! We found ourselves in a situation where we were forced to have a lot of decals made for our restoration work. For this reason, we purchased a decal company several years ago and have slowly built up our inventory by always ordering 6 of more decals when we only needed one.

A while back, when we moved from our 35,000 square ft warehouse, we discovered that we had also been accumulating a very large inventory of parts and/or “parts” machines. Once again, realizing how expensive and difficult it can be to find just that one part you need, we have decided to redesign this website to incorporate vintage original parts and to make this the source for the customer who only needs one decal, one part, or the professional who needs parts and decals on a regular basis.

We are adding parts and decals to our inventory daily, so in the coming months, you will find one of, if not the largest inventory of decals and original parts anywhere.

On this website, you can order just that one decal/part you need or you can order complete packages and save 10% in addition to combined shipping savings. We appreciate how hard it is to find parts and decals and we hope we can make your job a little easier!